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Under 14,000 feet but still amazing ...

In general, Colorado 13ers and 12ers don't get as much respect or attention from the mountain climbing community, because they don't hit the magic number of 14,000+ feet in elevation. However, sometimes these are just as good (if not better) when it comes to scenery at the summit, offering an interesting climbing challenge, and the opportunity to enjoy solitude.

On this page are all of my photos of previous 13er and 12er climbs.

Emma Burr Mountain Colorado
Photo Above: My friend Derek takes in the view on Emma Burr Mountain, elevation 13,544 feet.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Wheeler Peak, NM


Wheeler Peak - The New Mexico High Point is Wheeler Peak (13,161 feet). It is a nice hike from Taos Ski Valley.
Trinchera Peak, CO Trinchera Peak - Elevation 13,517 feet. Located in the Sangre de Cristo Range near Cuchara.
West Spanish Peak Trail West Spanish Peak - An excellent climb in Southeast Colorado.
Boreas Mountain, CO Boreas Mountain - A 13er between Como and Breckenridge at Boreas Pass.
Geissler Mountain - Near Lost Man Lake and Independence Lake in the Independence Pass region.
Peak 13500' Peak 13500' - An easy 13er north of Independence Pass.
Kelso Mountain, Colorado Kelso Mountain - A less-traveled 13er near Grays Peak and Torreys Peak.
Little Pikes Peak, CO Peak 13078' - An unnamed 13er in the heart of the Sawatch Range. Best accessed from the Poplar Gulch Trail in St. Elmo.
Little Pikes Peak, CO Little Pikes Peak - A relatively easy 13er hike that can be accessed from the Pikes Peak Highway.
Fitzpatrick Peak - On the Continental Divide and about 1.5 miles south of Tincup Pass.
Boulder Mountain, CO Boulder Mountain - Located in the Sawatch Range. An old mining road -- great for 4WD vehicles and ATVs -- leads up the southern slope of the mountain.
Mount Sheridan Colorado

Mount Warren and Rogers Peak - Two ranked 13ers in the shadows of Mount Evans.

Mount Sheridan Colorado

Mount Sheridan - A 13er in the Mosquito Range.

Mount Sniktau Mount Sniktau - Because of its easy access -- the trailhead parking lot is at Loveland Pass -- Mt. Sniktau may be the most popular 13er climb in Colorado.
Quail Mountain Hike Quail Mountain - A lesser known 13er in the Sawatch Range in the Twin Lakes / Granite region.
Turner Peak Colorado Turner Peak - A 13er near Cottonwood Pass.
Jones Mountain Colorado Jones Mountain - In the Sawatch Range overlooking Ptarmigan Lake.
Emma Burr Mountain Emma Burr Mountain - Positioned on the Continental Divide between Cottonwood Pass and Tincup Pass.
Mount Kreutzer - A 13er on the Continental Divide that is north of Emma Burr Mountain. We hiked on the divide from Cottonwood Pass to reach it.
Horseshoe Mountain Colorado Horseshoe Mountain - At 13,898 feet, Horseshoe Mountain's stunning cirque on its east side makes it one of the most beautiful mountains.
White Ridge Colorado White Ridge & Gemini Peak - 13ers White Ridge and Gemini Peak in the Mosquito Range, located in proximity to Mount Sherman.
Weston Peak Colorado Weston Peak & Ptarmigan Peak - Two 13ers that can be easily accessed from Weston Pass.
Twining Peak - A comparatively easy 13er hike that can begin at Independence Pass.
Mount Ouray Colorado Mount Ouray - I haven't climbed Mount Ouray yet, but the page is already set for when I do! :)
Buffalo Peaks Colorado Buffalo Peaks - The Buffalo Peaks is another mountain that I have yet to climb. Oh boy, you know I want to summit it when I've made a page about it ahead of time! ;)
Point 12812', Colorado


Point 12812' - A pretty easy 12er that's a one-mile hike from Independence Pass.

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado Greenhorn Mountain - The highest peak in the Wet Mountain Range and Pueblo County.
South Peak Colorado South Peak - A nice 12er hike near Weston Pass.
Galena Mountain - A 12er that stands prominently above Turquoise Lake in Leadville.
Piece of Garbage Mountain - Elevation 12691 ft. A useless mountain east of Cottonwood Pass.
Continental Divide Trail Point ~12,600 Feet - A peak south of Cottonwood Pass and accessed via the Continental Divide Trail.
Bald Mountain Colorado Bald Mountain & Banana Mountain - Two 12ers above Hunt Lake in southern Chaffee County.

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